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Jacking pipes are used to produce piping sections with Microtunneling technique using GRP Jacking Pipes.

This method of laying designed to overcome obstacles represented by main roads or highways, railway tracks, canals, buildings and other structures that are located on the pipeline route is now universally used to make whole hydraulic systems where traditional methods are not allowed.

In this application, where the commonly used material is concrete, GRP pipes are particularly appreciated for:

  • the hydraulic features that in this case also allow for significant reductions in the design diameters resulting in savings in excavation volumes, excavation equipment and transport costs

  • the great structural strength that allows considerably smaller thicknesses than concrete

  • the lightness (compared to concrete)

  • the very low external roughness of the pipe walls that facilitates digging operations

All features that allow the use of smaller push force during work and, if necessary, longer push stretches.


Each pipe bar has a milling on both ends that allows the housing of the sleeve made of AISI 304 steel. Within this milling, the seat of the sealing gasket is normally made of EPDM or NBR material. The gasket, depending on the application, can be made with multiple lip profiles, O-rings or alternative geometries.

The outer diameter of the pipe and sleeve does not have geometry discontinuities, in order to avoid any interference during the advancement of the pipe.


Where necessary, the pipe may be equipped with injection threaded nipples in AISI 304. Such details, normally no. 3 per bar (120 ° to each other) are inserted into the wall of the pipe and sealed by means of a special resin.



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