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For the Shipbuilding industry, SARPLAST offers a fully extensive range of GRP pipes and fittings tailor made at the highest quality. The products are designed according to the international standards and to the IMO Regulations for the installation on board and use of GRP pipes and fittings.
Our systems combines the well known advantages of the composite materials (chemical resistance, light weight, very long lifetime etc.) with an extremely easy way of installation which does not include any glued or lamination joint to be performed at the shipyard. The costs of installation are dramatically reduced because of the short time needed for the bell and spigot joint connection.

Our GRP piping systems are suitable for a various range
of applications, as for example:

  • Cargo lines
  • Crude Oil and Washing lines
  • Inert gas
  • Ballast, Bilge and other Sea Water lines
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Sewage
  • Sanengry drains and other connected services
  • Potable water
  • Sounding and Vent lines
  • Any other according to IMO Regulation

Sarplast applies the technology of the bell & spigot double O-ring joint which is the simpler and safer method of installation on board for a GRP piping system. Our pipes and fittings, fully prefabricated into spools, are supplied to the Shipyard complete of all the accessories such as gaskets and locking keys and they are ready to be mounted without the need to perform any laminated or glued joint at the Shipyard.
The combined use of GRP prefabricated spools and special GRP fittings such as flange adapters and sleeve joints makes the pipeline flexible enough to absorb both mechanical and thermal expansion, thus providing a very reliable solution for a safe ship lifetime.

Given that all the prefabricated GRP spools are provided of bell or spigot ends, we are able to test all the pieces before delivery.

We include in our supplies also the detailed Engineering of the GRP systems and we provide you with a complete set of documents (Installation, Spools Drawings and Instruction Manual) which allows you to handle, install and maintain the piping system in a very simple and easy manner.

The Installation Drawing reports all the GRP prefabricated spools by their own single marking code, therefore also not specifically trained GRP piping fitters can easily operate. This document is also inclusive of the type and location of the pipe supports. The detailed design of the supports is also available under request.



Internal Pressure From 6 to 20 bar
External Pressure From full vacuum up to 50m water column
Nominal Diameters From 25 mm to 1000 mm
Temperature Up to 95°C
PW-MPS Non conductive
PW-MPCS Conductive (resistivity < 10E5 Ohm/m)
MAFIRE 3 Fire resistant L3 Class acc. to IMO
Res. A.753(18)

Pipes and fittings are provided of a 1.5 mm inner liner and a 0.2 mm external gel coat. We produce the standard pipes in maximum length of 11.6 m and the maximum dimension for the prefabricated spools is limited by the available room during the installation onboard.



  • Continuous Elbows at various degrees
  • Concentric and Eccentric Reducers
  • Equal and Reduced Tees
  • Fixed Flanges
  • Stub Flanges provided with steel backing ring
  • Flange Adapters - (bell or spigot ends)
  • Blind flanges
  • Sleeve joints
  • Caps


  • Rubber O-ring gaskets for bell & spigot and sleeve joints
  • Positioning cables for sleeve joints
  • Rubber gaskets for flanges
  • Hearting saddles and cables for conductive piping systems
  • Steel clamps complete of bolts and liners
  • Repair and Lamination Kits


The GRP Marine Piping Systems manufactured by Sarplast fulfil the new technical requirements from the Classification Societies for the coverage of the PW-MPS and PW-MPCS Piping Series under the Type Approval certification.
Sarplast can offer prefabricated piping systems from 25 to 1000 mm in diameter for maximum 20 bar internal pressure and 5 bar external pressure, all in full compliance also with IMO Resolution A.753(18).

Type Approvals are available from:

Det Norske Veritas
Lloyd's Register of Shipping
American Bureau of Shipping
Bureau Veritas
Germanischer Lloyd
Korean Register of Shipping
China Classification Society

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