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As part of the Company's technological innovation program, Sarplast has developed the application of fiberglass pipes in the field of NO-DIG technologies together with Scandinavian NO DIG with which it has made a joint venture. (
SARPLAST GRP pipes are designed for the construction and refurbishment of underground pipes with NO-DIG or TRENCHLESS method, which indicates a very innovative technology where digging is not needed and the environmental impact is very limited.
SARPLAST produces, within these technologies, pipes up to a diameter of 3.0 meters.
Pipes are produced with dual helix filament winding technology with special joints suitable for each specific working method as described below.
SARPLAST pipes for underground applications are designed, manufactured and tested according to AWWA C950-M45, EN 1796/ISO 10639 & EN 14364/ ISO 10467.

Pipeline can be repaired using the following methods:

  • Relining
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Jacking Pipe

NO-DIG technology allows to repair pipes of any material.

The main advantages of NO-DIG technology are:

  • Eliminate open trench excavations
  • Avoid traffic jams
  • Limit the environmental impact of the site (storage, civil works, dirt, vibrations and noise)
  • Limit the environmental pollution and CO2 emissions


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