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The relining technique consists in inserting a new pipe into the existing pipe, with a very small reduction in the diameter of the original pipe often completely compensated by the higher long-term hydraulic efficiency of the fiberglass pipeline, having a long-term average roughness coefficient (pipe + junction) below 50 microns.

This technology allows the recovery and in many cases the improvement of the original functionality of the pipes ensuring the same result as an ex-novo pipeline.

Relining is a non-invasive and particularly effective technique in urban areas where digging usually ends up interfering with complex existing water systems and other utilities.


Special Bell&Spigot Joint

Based on the extensive experience gained in the use of GRP pipes, Sarplast has developed a special B2RLJ joint specifically designed for pressure pipes relining applications.

This joint, called "B2RLJ-flush joint", utilizes the experience gained in the production of deep water wells, an application where the containment of the radial size of the joint is of primary importance, together with the need for a high axial resistance. The joint developed by Sarplast in the range up to DN 1200 diameter is designed to be applicable both with Pipe Bursting technology and with the re-insertion of the existing pipe through the insertion of a pipe column with a hydraulic system of over 300 meters in length.

In both cases the piping and joint must be characterized by high axial mechanical properties, reduced radial size and absolute certainty of the hydraulic seal, a combination that only Sarplast technology can guarantee.


Our LOCK JOINT joints have been certified in accordance with the most demanding GRP design regulations, including the ISO 14692 used for OFFSHORE and OIL & GAS systems.

Our standard pipe body design on customer's request is also based on ISO14692. The pipe body design follows the AWWA C950-M45 standards and complies with EN 1796/ EN 14364 standards, which are the European standard for water supply & sewerage.

In Europe and in the civil sector (water or sewage), the reference standard system is EN 1796 / ISO 10639: Plastics piping systems for water supply with or without pressure – Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) based on unsaturated polyester resin (UP).


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