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SARPLAST has developed and produced GRP Pipes and Tanks Production Lines since the seventies, applying innovative concepts and developing specific software to obtain a high quality product.

With the development of technology and interface optimization between internally developed design software and computerized machineries tailored to meet specific needs, we are now able to offer solutions that optimize production both in terms of mechanical properties and consumption, that is continuously monitored to ensure total production control, even remotely.

Thanks to this development, the solutions offered with Sarplast Technology allow to minimize the manual contribution to winding operations, thus reducing the risk of stoppages in order to optimize production values, while maintaining a high degree of flexibility in production.

Sarplast Machines are able to produce pipes with very high mechanical values ​​in relation to the diameter and design pressure, both axial and circumferential, with pipe structures, technical solutions and unique joining systems worldwide on large diameters ( Bell and Spigot with / without locking key, Sleeve, Laminate, Adhesive) with a final product that is of the highest quality, qualified and conforming to the most stringent national and international standards introduced in the GRP pipe market.

Sarplast can offer assistance even after the supply of machines through technical support, production, upgrade and development of software, maintenance and commercial interface to support Clients for different needs and development of GRP technology in specific areas and markets. It is also possible the upgrading of existing lines, which are now exclusively offered to our business partners and sold with know-how and technology transfer agreements.

Sarplast can offer several solutions for Machines and Production Lines:

  • DW Line - Pipe Production with Discontinuous Wrap Up to DN3000

  • CW Line - Continuous up to DN4000 Wire Tube Production

  • Automated CAM Line for discontinuous production of tubes with high mechanical characteristics up to DN1000

  • Modular Line MT4 or MT6

  • Tank Line and Mobile Maxi Tank


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